Chord Camp Agreement

EUMLab Support Team -

Chord Camp is a service comprising of thousands of Chord Sets with management, editing and playing function. Through use of the Chordec technology invented by EUMLab, the number of sets is increasing rapidly every day.

Basic Terms

  • By tapping the Agree button below, means you agree to the basic terms and will be joined to Chord Camp service.
  • You are allowed to offline, fork and share any chord sets from the Chord Camp service.
  • You will not copy any portion of the App or documentation.
  • You will not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the App, the API that the App used or any portion of it.
  • EUMLab will delete the content without notifying if the content: does not have right to use the copyrighted material or violates the law in any way.
  • EUMLab reserves the right to the changes of the service. These including the appearance, content and pricing.
  • EUMLab reserves the right to the change of the test period.
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