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DAW Remote HD uses wireless network. Almost all problems are caused by inappropriate settings. When the problem happens. Please check the following list.

Problem A: Cannot see computer's name in the DAW Remote HD hosts.

  1. Try to renew the Lease on your iPad WIFI's connection (Especially for iPad3 users).
  2. Please make sure that iPad and Computer has been connected to a same sub-network.
  3. Some router has "Guest Network" function (for instance, Apple's WIFI Router including Time Capsule). Please make sure that both devices has been connected to "inner-network", not "guest-network". 
  4. When two devices are in the same sub network. The IP Address should be similar. For instance, computer :, iPad . 
  5. Turn off computer's firewall temporarily. Especially window user. Some firewall software may block the rtpMIDI protocol. 
  6. Turn off router's firewall and QoS function temporarily. Some router firewall may block the MIDI packets, and some QoS settings may cause large latency too.
  7. Make sure that rtpMIDI(windows)/ Network MIDI(Mac) has been turned on.
If you still cannot see it in the DAW Remote HD hosts. Please create an Ad-Hoc network (Computer to Computer network) and connect them with it. This step may help you figure out that which part causes the problem: Computer or WIFI Router. If the computer name can be shown in DAW Remote by connecting Ad-Hoc network, that means the problem is caused by WIFI Router. If not, the problem is caused by computer settings.

Problem B: They can be connected, but DAW Remote HD acts incorrectly. 

  1. If you have another hardware control surface or midi device, disconnect them temporarily. It may occupied the same MIDI Channel with DAW Remote HD. 
  2.  Please make sure that "live routings" in rtpMIDI(windows)/ Network MIDI(Mac) has been set to nothing "-".  When you set its Output to its Input will cause an infinite loop. 
  3. Make sure that your DAW software control surface config has been set properly. And in DAW Remote HD, the right control surface layout has been selected.

Problem C: Everything is fine, but some initial settings (track name, track dB) are not shown in DAW Remote HD. 

Please connect DAW Remote HD to your computer before turning your DAW software on. Because some DAW softwares (Live, Cubase, Audition) do not send any connection confirm information. The initial settings data has been set to MIDI channel before DAW Remote HD launching. The Apple Logic and ProTools do not has this problem.


Problem D: When using Cubase, sometimes the buttons LED lights correctly and sometimes not.

Please change the Cubase's "Smart Switch Delay" option in Remote Devices->Mackie Control panel. Here is a screen shot:

Finally,  the correct rtpMIDI/Network MIDI Setup should be:

  1. The Sessions should be added and enabled.
  2. "Who may connect to me" should be set to "Anyone"
  3. "Live routings" should be set to nothing "-"
Like this:

If the problem still reminds, please feel free to contact us.
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