Does Pro Metronome support background playing?

EUMLab Support Team -

Simply put: YES.

Take a example that you'd like to enable "Background Playing" function to ensure Pro Metronome keeping playing event when back to home screen or open other apps.

You can access the function directly in iPhone5 4inch screen, but you can still make access of such function in other Platforms:

Just go to System Settings, find and open the Pro Metronome icon, you'll see such interface:

Switch the "Background Playing" on to enable the background playing function.

You can also change other settings here:

* "Use LED Flashlight" enable your iphone to use flashlight to show you the beats, otherwise, it will directly flash the screen of your iphone for you.

* "Wheel Sound Effect" enable your device to play sound effect when scroll the BPM Wheel.

* "Background Playing" enable your Pro Metronome to keep playing even when back to home screen on open other apps.

* "Cal BPM using 1/4 Note" is a different way to calculate BPM, go here for more details.
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