How can I find chords by note?/I miss the old chord search page

ming zhong -

* In the new version of Ukulele Toolkit, we've provided three ways to find chords:

1. Search by key

The chords are generated in the key you've selected. For example: C key has 3 Major chords -- C/F/G and 3 Minor chords -- Dm/Am/Em. This is based on the Fifth Circle.

2. Search by note

The chords are generated by the notes you've selected. For example, if you choose C it will show all the C chords (Major, Minor, 7, sus2, etc).

3. Chord reverse search

Input the fingering of the chord and our software will tell you exactly what you're playing.


* How to switch between these patterns:

Tap and hold the "Chord" tab to bring up the menu.





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