2. Note Wheel & Tone Generator

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If you select the yellow button “Chromatic Tuning”[1], insTuner will detect pitch from the microphone.

Once insTuner detects a frequency, the needle will point to the corresponding chromatic note [2]. The number under the dial [3] shows the octave of the note.

Read Wikipedia for more information about “Note”. Also refer to Wikipedia for more information about“Octave”.

If you select the blue button of “Tone Generator”[4], insTuner will be in the “Tone Generator” Mode. The layout is quite similar to the “Chromatic Tuning” mode with a few differences. 

The Tone Generator is similar to the tuning wheel. Move your finger lightly around the wheel to select one pitch and its octave. Tap the note in the center of the wheel [5] to generate the tone, tap again to stop it.

On the bottom of the screen will be More Information [6], Settings [7] and Input Meter [8]. You can refer to Chapter 9 for more introductions of the Settings function. 

The top area of the screen shows tuning result with different modes. insTuner provides 6 Tuning Modes to represent the tuning result including Fine-Tuning Mode, Instant-Tuning Mode, etc.. Each Tuning Mode is designed for specific usage scenario. We’ve built them into several replaceable Tuning Units

We’ll introduce those 6 Tuning Units in the following Chapter 3-8.


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