9. Presets

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Tapping the “Settings” button discussed earlier in the Chapter 3, insTuner will provide you the Setting Interface. Actually we can divide it into two parts of functions: Presets and Advanced

In order to make your usage of insTuner more convenient, we’ve categorized settings like transposition and tone generation by different instruments and present them in Presets function.

With Presets, you don’t need to understand the meaning of each function provided in the Advanced part. Just tap the "Optimized For" [1] menu and choose the instrument you want to tune, insTuner will automatically change its settings and optimized for the selected instrument.

As the image shows above , the page includes:

[1] Presets menu. 

Tap ‘Optimized for’ option, the sub-menu will be displayed as above image. We provide 9 kinds of presets optimized for instruments including plucked string and bass. Select one setting and tap Done, you’ll find new parameter is applied and present in [1].

[2] Instruction: Find instruction once you have problem of using it.

[3] If you still cannot find the solution, just tap FAQ and search for help on EUMLab website.

[4] Email us if you need further help.

[5] More apps from EUMLab.

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