3. Main Operation Interface

ming zhong -

The bottom area shows as bellow: there are 5 buttons with one dial.

The dial is in the center of the screen. You can set BPM simply by rotating the wheel. Moreover, tapping the > and < button on the wheel can increase or decrease BPM. 

Tap the play button to play or stop Pro Metronome.

The following image shows 5 buttons as Settings, Playlist, Time Signature Settings, TAP and Volume adjustment correspondingly.

[1] Settings: Tones, Sound Effect, Flash LED, etc. Read more in the Chapter 5: Settings.

[2] Playlist: Edit, save and share playlists. Read more in the Chapter 5: Playlist

[3] Time Signature Settings: Time signature, subdivision or polyrhythm. Tapping button [3], you will open the Time Signature Interface, which will be discussed in the following Chapter 4: Time Signature Settings.

[4] TAP: Tap the TAP button repeatedly to quickly calculate and set BPM.

[5] Volume Adjustment: Tap the volume button to adjust volume inside Pro Metronome. You can also use Dual Screen Airplay Mode after connected to Apple TV and open Airplay Function. Read more about Airplay in the Chapter 9.

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