6. Playlist

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You are allowed to save current parameters (Time Signature, BPM, Subdivision, etc.) into the playlist and load them whenever you want. You can also save and manage different playlists and share them with your friends.

[1] Playlist Interface: You can load your saved songs just by selecting them. You can see BPM, Time Signature and name for each song.

[2] Save Button: Tap the button and input the song name, then current parameters will be saved as one item in the playlist.

[3] Expand For More Settings: Tap the expand button to enter the full screen mode just as bellow. In the full screen mode, sharing and deleting songs become more easily with Edit Button. In addition, pressing ‘+’ button to add new song. Tap Done button to return to the main interface.

[4] Playlist Management: Pro Metronome not only supports to manage your songs in a specific playlist, but also manage songs in different playlists. As in the example, current playlist that we’ve loaded is “Default”. After tapping [4] and enter the full screen mode, we can add, delete, rename, share and switch between different playlists.

For speedy deletion or rename, swipe left of each playlist can help you. To add new playlist, you can press ‘+’ button. More complex executions like deletion and sharing are also supported with Edit button. Press Edit button to enter editing mode, Share button and Delete button are located in left and right corner.

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