Pro Metronome (Android) 1.0 Upgrade Logs

ming zhong -

1.0 Features:

Free Version Features:
+Extremely easy to use and AD FREE!
+Dynamic Time Signatures settings
+Dynamic Accent settings, including f , mf, p , mute indicators
+TAP to calculate BPM
+Color Mode, lets you SEE the beats
+Pendulum Mode, gives visual feedbacks
+Power-Saving Mode, lock your screen and it will keep working
+Background-Playing Mode, keeps working even when returned to Home or opened with other APPs

Upgrade to Pro Version to enable Pro Features:
+LED/Screen Flash Mode *
+Vibrate Mode, makes you FEEL the beats *
+Subdivisions, including Triplet, Dot note, and many other patterns.
+Rhythm Trainer – helps to develop your steady beats

* LED Flash Mode only available for LED-Enabled devices
* Vibrate Mode only available for phones

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