9. Dual Screen Mode

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Pro Metronome also supports Dual Screen mode, which allows your team to AirPlay the beats on HDTV, Projector, etc.

Press the volume button on the center bottom of the screen ([5] in Chapter 3), you’ll see the volume adjustment interface. If you have AppleTV in your WiFi environment, you can enable dual screen mode to make everyone SEE the beats.

1. Swipe up to open the Control Center. If there’s Apple TV also in your WiFi environment, the “Airplay” button is just on the right side of the “Airplay” button.

2. Press Airplay to enter airplay settings. Select your desired device and enable the Mirroring function.


3. Back to Pro Metronome by swiping down the control interface or press the Home Button. Press the volume button [Chapter 3 [4]] to open the volume adjust interface, you’ll see an Airplay button on the right side of the slider. Tap to enter the dual screen mode, your Apple TV will display the interface as following image.

Dual Screen Mode would be very useful for all members in the band to follow one rhythm, or for teachers to teach the beats.

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