2. Tuner

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The Main Interface of Tuner:



[1] Current Detected Note:The accuracy of detected note is represented by a character with three different colors: red, yellow and green. Red means you’re far from accurate, while yellow represents you’re close but not perfect and green tells that you’re in tune.

The result can be described by 2 parts. For example:

The ‘F#’ represents Note, read more on Wikipedia.

The number ‘6’ on the right side of Note represents Octave:

Read more about Octave on Wikipedia.

[2] ‘><’ Arrows on each side of the Current Detected Note tell the note is too sharp or too flat. When arrow on the right is highlighted, it means the note is too sharp and you need to flatten your string. Conversely, arrow highlighted on the left tells that you need to tune your Ukulele sharper. When both arrows are highlighted and turn to green, the string is in tune.

[3] Color Bars are designed for quick tuning and playing. Bar on the left means the note is too flat, while bar on the right means the note is too sharp. When the note is in tune, the background display will turn green.

[4] The needle shows the difference (in cent) between the detected frequency and the theoretically in tune frequency. The range of the meter is ±30 cent.

When the error is over ±10 cents, the note will turn red and it means you’re far from accurate. The note will turn yellow when the error is between ±5 cents and ±10 cents and means you are close but not perfect. When the note turns green, the result is within ±5 cents. As human ear cannot distinguish a difference in pitch of 5-6 cents, your instrument is in tune now.

You can still try to tune to 0 cent to optimize the tuning result.

[5] Tap the corresponding string for real ukulele reference sound, which helps to do coarse tuning or practice tuning by ear.


* Tips: For those who use other tuning modes or left hand to play ukulele, you can do customized settings in Chapter 11 Settings.


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