Ukulele Toolkit 3.2 Upgrade Logs

EUMLab Support Team -

Hey folks! We've been sitting on a pretty exciting update for you all. We're about to launch this app into the stratosphere in terms of customizability and user experience.

1. We've added a revolutionary new Chord Set feature, allowing you unprecedented control over chord progression customization.
- Select chords to be played and allocate them within a time measure, adjusting the time signature and amount of bars to your liking. 

- Choose one of 37 preset styles for your chord progression, or create your own from scratch by picking from a selection of bass, drum and even strumming pattern options. Over 100,000 combinations possible!

- Transpose your progression instantly at the touch of a button.
- When you're done, share your masterpieces with your friends.

2. We've introduced the powerful Jam Player to help you practice strumming and soloing over chord progressions.

- Instant transposition allows you to master the ukulele in every key.
- Adjust the tempo to suit your purpose.
- Mute any or all of the backing instruments.

3. We've added more strumming patterns.
4. We've added more drum loops patterns.
5. We've added more chord progressions.
6. We now support Low G Tuning Mode.
7. We now display chord fingerings.
8. We've added more degrees of customization in Settings.
9. You can now pin your favorite Chord Sets to your iPhone's Notification Center widgets.
10. We've updated the UI Interface.
11. The app has been optimized for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
12. We've fixed some bugs found in the previous version.
13. We've added more function improvements for you to explore.


Enjoy! As always, we're always grateful for any comments, suggestions or questions you may have. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Many thanks,
Your EUMLab team
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