4. Rhythm Mode 2 – Strumming

EUMLab Support Team -

Long pressing the Rhythm Tab will unfold three menus. They are Metronome, Strumming and Loops. Choose Strumming to enter strumming Mode. Strumming is a very important right hand skill for Ukulele players. Ukulele Toolkit supports Strumming Mode with human voice feedback for better strumming practice.

The interface of Strumming Mode is more or less the same as Metronome Mode with only a few differences.

[1] Strumming Patterns: We’ve included many strumming patterns in this version. Tap the ‘>’ arrow on the upper right corner for more strumming patterns; Select one and then tap the Play Button inside the Dial for real human “Down” and “Up” voice reference.

[2] Current Selected Strumming Pattern

[3] The Beat Block has been changed to Strumming Block in Strumming Mode. The D and U block will be highlighted on certain strums (Up or Down). It would be very useful for building your strumming sense by such visual feedbacks.


* Tips: For those who use other Arrows instead of DU for strumming practicing, you can customize it in Chapter 11 Settings.

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