5. Rhythm Mode 3 — Loops

EUMLab Support Team -

Long pressing the Rhythm Tab will unfold three menus. They are Metronome, Strumming and Loops. Choose Loops to enter Drum Loops Mode.

Drum Loops is designed for jamming or practicing different music styles. Ukulele Toolkit supports hundreds of drum loops to help you jam along with your iPhone or iPad.

[1] Loops Patterns: We’ve included hundreds of loops inside Ukulele Toolkit. Tap the ‘>’ arrow on the upper right corner for more loops patterns; Select one and then tap the Play Button to begin or stop your practice.

[2] Current Selected Drum Loops

[3] Beat Block: Beat Block is similar as it in Metronome Mode. It is designed to display current notes and beats. The display of Beat Block varies with Beats. The number of block showed on the screen equals to current values of beats in time signature, and the block will be highlighted on each beat.

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