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Welcome to Pro Metronome!


New to the app? Not sure where to start? For any help whatsoever click on the ? icon at the top of the screen.






This is your jog dial. Rotate the wheel to adjust the tempo. Alternatively, tap left or right to change the tempo by increments of 1 bpm.



This displays your current BPM.



This is your time signature. Adjust the beat unit and notes in a bar here.



With the Accent function you can select notes within the bar to accent.

Subdivisions are only available on the Pro version. Change the amount of subdivisions per beat to create more complex rhythms.




The Polyrhythm feature above allows you to simultaneously play two rhythms. You may adjust the second one in the lower bar, based on either beats or bars.




Tap on the clock to open up the timer feature, allowing you to practice for a set amount of time.



Tap in your desired BPM over the button here.




Drag the app home screen left or tap the button above and right of the jog dial to access the playlist selection. Find and store your favourite songs here.







Drag the home screen right or tap on the 'Settings' icon to open up the app settings. 

'Tone' will change the tone of the metronome beat itself.

Deselect 'Beat Block' to remove the bars at the top representing the beats.

Deselect 'Visual Block' to remove the pendulous beat display at the top.

Highlight will allow you to select which beats you wish to accent within the bar. Alternatively, click 'Pendulum' for the classic accent on the first beat only.

Change the unit of measurement for your tempo with 'Tempo Calculation'.



Train your inner metronome by muting certain beats of the bar with 'Rhythm Trainer'.

'Flash LED' controls the flash at the back of your phone, 'Flash Screen' controls the flashing of your screen itself.

Use 'Vibrate' to toggle phone vibrations on and off.

'Sound Effect' will enable sound effects within the app.

'Mute Reminder' to choose whether you'd like to be reminded by the app that you've turned your sound off.


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