Pro Metronome 3.12 Upgrade Logs

EUMLab Support Team -

1. Added "Stage Mode".
Stage mode - the indispensable companion for performing musicians. The Stage Mode feature is informed by songs or tempos compiled in the Playlist. 


Made specifically with drummers in mind, Stage Mode aids the performing musician who may need reference to the tempo of the next song. If you don't necessarily need a click for the whole song, the 'Auto Stop' feature will stop the metronome automatically after playing a measure of bars that you determine.

How to use it?

Enter the playlist to find the new Stage Mode option at the bottom of the screen. The Auto-Stop feature can be enabled by tapping at the bottom and then inputting the amount of bars before the stop. Disable the Auto Stop feature by simply tapping ' - ' until "Nonstop” is displayed.


  • In order to minimize the chance of mis-selections, Stage Mode will only recognise the tap gesture. Swiping left or right within the Mode will be disabled.

  • When entering the Stage Mode, any metronome running in the background will be stopped automatically.

  • Once a song in Stage Mode starts playing, the screen will remain on regardless of inactivity.

  • All operations (such as inputting tempo manually etc) at the top of the screen will be disabled.

  • No pop-ups will appear once Stage Mode is activated.

2. Added "Practice Mode"
Practice Mode allows you to programme automatic tempo change to suit your practice regime. There are two modes in the feature: Warmup and Automator.

In the Warmup mode, you set a target tempo and increments represented in ratios of this tempo. For example:
Your target BPM for the session is 180 BPM.
You wish to warm up gently, however, so begin at say, 0.5x the speed – 90BPM for 5 minutes.
After that, you want to increase the speed to 0.75x of the target tempo: 135 BPM for 5 minutes.

Automator mode is similar, but allows for many different increments in tempo change.

For example; you can increase tempo by 10BPM every 10 bars, starting from 90 and ending with 180BPM. This allows for gradual increase in speed.


  • The tempo, time signature and subdivisions will be controlled within Practice Mode. You cannot change them within the Settings screen.

  • The default target tempo in Warmup mode is the current tempo of your metronome.

  • Practice mode is only available for Pro Version users.

3. Changed "Volume Control" feature
The volume button has been moved to Settings. Its place at the bottom of the home screen has been replaced by the aforementioned Practice Mode.

4. Fixed Voice Counting
In this version, Pro Metronome now provides additional ways to measure beats.

5. Fixed other minor bugs

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