Pro Metronome 3.13 Upgrade Logs

EUMLab Support Team -

Hey folks. It seem that more and more areas of our everyday lives are being subsumed by technology.  Recently we've seen the beginnings of a new chapter in the digital age, something which previously existed only in science fiction.

We're talking of course about wearables. Have you purchased a new Apple Watch yet? It brings us great pleasure to announce that Pro Metronome will be updated to support this revolutionary product. With the Pro Metronome app, your Apple Watch will be transformed into what has been lauded as "the first wearable device for musicians." Here are the updates for version 3.13:

1. Control Pro Metronome through your Apple Watch. Change the playback settings and sync your playlists across devices. For the performers out there, you can use the "flash" feature to capture the sense of tempo on stage.
On your Apple Watch, you can do the following things:
  • Start/stop Metronome
  • Increase/decrease tempo
  • Calculate tempo by tapping on your Apple Watch
  • Select a Playlist
  • Run Stage Mode


The most significant features are:

Stage Mode: The screen flashes to the set tempo. Use this as a visual aid on stage to get a sense of the beat.


TAP: Simply tap in the rhythm and this feature will calculate the BPM for you. 

2. New playlist feature. Transfer a list or create one from scratch.
3. New bar counter.

4. Adjustable timer helps you keep track of your sessions.

5. Optimized audio engine for a smoother transaction when switching tempo. 

6. Other minor bugs fixed.
If you like these new features, please  TAP HERE to rate and review our Pro Metronome on the App Store.

Due to current restrictions regarding the Apple Watch Software Development Kit (Watchkit), the following features have been postponed for future updates.

  • Vibrating metronome (feel the beat!)
  • Audio functionality
  • Measure the accuracy of your playing using your Watch's inbuilt microphone
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