12. ChordSet Features

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Did you know that a vast amount of songs are written with the same or similar chord progressions? One needs only to sequence a few chords together to unlock literally thousands of different songs. Observe for yourself how many hits are played just with or around the 'Pachelbel Canon' chord progression.

There are plenty of apps and other digital mediums to help people with chords, with varying success. There's no one-size-fits all solution, but our Chord Progression feature offers a new, interactive method which splits open the learning process. We've pioneered the Chord Progression feature in the Ukulele Toolkit app, which has already received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Chord Set is a new feature in Ukulele Toolkit 3.2 which pushes Chord Progressions to the next level. With it you can..

  • Select the chords you want to learn and assemble them how you like.
  • Create songs.
  • Instantly transpose a set of chords.
  • Use chord variations.
  • Create your own progressions.
  • Use different playback styles for progressions, or create your own from scratch.
  • Jam along with your new Chord Sets.
  • Write new songs and get inspired!

I'll demonstrate these features by creating a Chord Set in front of you. Let's pick the ubiquitous classic 'Hotel California'. Now the original artist key song is B minor. The key of C major/A minor however, is much easier to play on the ukulele. I'll start creating this song from the key of A minor and eventually show you how to transpose the progression back to the original key.

Open the YouTube Link to see more:


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