Help and Support

Welcome to Pro Metronome! New to the app? Not sure where to start? For any help whatsoever click on the ? icon located at the top of the screen. [Jog Dial] This is your jog dial. Rotate the wheel to adjust the tempo. Alternatively, tap left or right to change the tempo by increments of 1. [Tempo] This displays your current BPM. [T.S] Adjust the beat unit here. Adjust the notes in a bar here. With the Accent function you can select notes within the bar to accent. [Subdivisions] Only available on the Pro version. Change the amount of subdivisions per beat to create more complex rhythms. [Polyrhythm] Simultaneously play two rhythms. You may adjust the second one in the lower bar here, based on either beats or bars. [Timer] Tap on the clock to open up the timer mechanism. [Tap] Tap in your desired BPM here. [Playlist] Find and store your favourite songs in the playlist section. SETTINGS [Tone] Change the tone of the metronome itself [Beat Block] Deselect to remove the bars at the top representing the beats [Visual Block] Deselect to remove the 'Pendulum' display [HIGHLIGHT] Select which beats you wish to be accented within the bar. Or click 'Pendulum' for the classic accent on the first beat only. [Tempo Calculation] Change the unit of measurement for your tempo. [Rhythm Trainer] Train your inner metronome by muting certain beats of the bar. [Flash] Turn on the flash function on either the camera or the screen itself. [Vibrate] Turn phone vibrations on and off. [Sound Effect] Turn on sound effects within the app. [Mute Reminder] Choose whether you'd like to be reminded that you've turned your sound off.